With each new day, I see a country (United States of America) that I believe has lost its mooring and is drifting aimlessly on a sea of confusion. At one time I believe we truly had the potential to become ‘One Nation Under God’ but that seems today to be hanging on a fine thread.

The people with proper direction and leadership could again become such a nation. In that regard it seems we are in search of that which is outside of ourselves to find such a place and so we look to drugs for a ‘spiritual high’, the ecstasy of winning, getting drunk on power and any number of other ways none of which completely satisfy much less unite us.

God gave us the answer in Psalm 145:18 which is to call upon Him in truth. No more lies, twisted words or phrases but instead heartfelt prayer asking for forgiveness after some serious introspection regarding our faults. When that happens I believe we can say the words Moses spoke in Deut. 4:7 that we can be a great nation and call upon Him (God) and know He will answer.

It begins with having a pure heart (Psalm 66:18-19). A politically correct society, filled with a people who not unlike sheep follow what is deemed correct by the ‘elite’ without thinking, will not achieve a pure heart. One reason is we have left our founding principles of being a Christian nation. Evidence for this is in our founding documents and carved on our monuments extensively. Despite our current presidents claim that we are not a Christian nation we certainly were founded as one. Christ will honor us if we return to Him (John 14:13). Imagine receiving whatever we ask which is Christ’s wish seen in Matthew 21:22.

As a nation if we want to be a people and A NATION CLOSE TO GOD it is time we pray and do so with true remorse for what we have done, seeking forgiveness and then once more asking that we become ‘One nation under God’ according to His will (1 John 5:14).

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Prayer is power when we pledge ourselves to please God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Psalm 145:18 “bringing God near to us”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord forgive us our sins and unite us in Your will.


1. How do people seek ‘spiritual highs’ in our culture?

2. What must be done to remove iniquity from our nations heart?

3. What evidence is there that we are meant to be a Christian nation?

4. Is there hope for our nation?

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