We have all done wrong and will likely make mistakes in our future. As has been said many times sin is a part of human nature that we battle daily at some level in our journey toward salvation.

In order to understand sin we have to know how it works and that begins with confessing it and seeing the results from the confession. We first need to understand that when sin is confessed their is forgiveness and pardon (see Psalm 32:1-5 and related blog) most importantly by God and should also be by our fellow man. If a sin is confessed and forsaken (serious effort to no longer commit) then all involved in the act should be able to wipe the slate clean. The problem is many do not see their sin or desire to be healed from it and so the person(s) who need to forgive cannot do so completely,. God keeps it simple: confess, forsake and be forgiven and so should we.

If all goes well as it is with God so the confession to others should lead to restored fellowship (see Psalms 52:12-19 and below). If the one committing the sin has a truly contrite heart their should be a method to restore that relationship  It is so in God forgiving us so why not also for those who “sincerely” fall on the mercy of the court or on someone who has been wronged. Vengeance as Scripture says is God’s alone but to hold accountable and then renew is ours.

When all this is in place then the process of heeling begins (James 5:16). This occurs best when a person can share their transgression with another whether it be priest, pastor or friend. The support, advice and prayer of another goes a long way in the healing process.

King David who was looked upon with favor by God had committed 2 grievous sins (adultery and murder) yet he too was forgiven and favored after his prayer of confession which  we read in Psalm 51. So we to will be forgiven and cleansed of our sin by God if we confess (1 John 1:9). Then we and all who are around us can truly say we have A NEW BEGINNING.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  Confession of sin brings comfort and spiritual cleansing.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY:  James 5:16  “Confession of sin results in healing”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Lord I confess all my sins both known and unknown. I seek cleansing and forgiveness.


1. To whom do you confess?

2. Have you needed and or felt healing and forgiveness for yourself?

3. Are you able to “totally” forgive others for their sins?

4. What makes healing difficult (personally or otherwise)?

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One thought on “A NEW BEGINNING!

  1. Thanks Gary for the Devotional today! Wish I had known about your website sooner. Glad I know it now. RE: Doctrine of Sin, too many pastors today and those who say they are Christians, don’t like to talk about sin. They are afraid of offending others and thereby say that we can’t “throw stones” at others. I say we all have to obey God, just as Christ and the Apostles taught. They did not worry about offending others. Sad to see the way many in this world don’t see sin for what it really is.