Have you ever been saved or saved yourself from death? That may seem a strange question but I have. On at least three occasions I believe God intervened when my earthly life could have come to an end. A brick falling on my head, falling asleep while driving, and nearly drowning were my eye opening events. The problem is eye opening events may lead to us uttering the words “thank you Jesus” but that is as far as it goes.

As readers of this devotional I suspect you would consider yourself Christian and to do so means that you confess Christ which is critical to our eternal salvation. God’s Word speaks of this confession in telling us what can hinder us from doing it. It also speaks of its necessity (see related blog below) and what a confession should contain in its content.

Today I want to share what I believe prompts us to confess. As with any life event something has to trigger or set it off. If that ‘trigger’ is not there then nothing happens and in the case of confession it is not done and salvation is not assured.

The first key is a person must, as Romans 10:9 tells us, have faith (see category). Faith is not simply uttering a few words in a church building or prayer but is also based on a believing heart. To believe means you understand and accept certain teachings about God. Therefore a real faith is one based on a combination of knowledge, wisdom and understanding which comes only with our dedication to hearing and studying the Word of God.

True confession not only must be based on faith but also on the presence of the Holy Spirit. In 1 Cor. 12:3 we are told that no one can confess Christ unless it is by the Holy Spirit (see category). If there is such a thing as a dead Christian or dead faith it is because the person like a robot or computer spits out words but their is no Spirit (God’s Spirit) present behind the utterance.

On other occasions I have spoken of the Holy Sprit and the power that comes with His presence and so it is that when you marry the Holy Spirit  and faith you can have ASSURANCE OF SALVATION.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  Coming to a point in life to confess Christ will be the cause that leads to salvation.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY:  Romans 10:9  “faith prompts our confessing Christ”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Lord fill me with Your Spirit so I may truly confess You.


1. What are some triggers for key life events?

2. Have you married the Holy Spirit and faith in your life?

3. Is it possible to be a ‘dead Christian’?

4. Have you experienced life changing events?

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