Following my devotional posts you will understand my fascination with weather. Scripture is filled with all aspects of it including the accurate proverbs recorded in the 37th chapter of Job. Written by someone who, like myself, would watch weather closely.

The reason for my fascination is that if we truly desire to understand God then we will want to understand that which is under His divine control. Samuel understood this in writing the words of 1 Samuel 12:16-19. Today those same words of “calling upon the Lord” for rain are uttered by individuals and political leaders across our land when faced by drought.

For myself the fascination of weather lies in the signs it foretells. Today most overlook that critical purpose of weather. A purpose that even those who opposed Christ (Pharisees and Sadducee’s) understood (Matthew 16:1). In fact Christ in His own words (Luke 12:54-57) warns us that if we are discerning we will watch that which weather can tell us about the times now and the future.

The prophet Ezekiel shares in Ezekiel 38:2 and 22 that what happened to the Egyptians when holding the Jewish nation in bondage (Exodus 9:18) will one day return. When all we who believe will be freed from sin. Until then KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKY.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Watching weather is a way to be warned of what God has planned.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: 1 Samuel  12:17 “prayer for the blessing of rain”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I hold Your forecast close to my heart.


  1.  What aspects of weather does Scripture address?
  2.  What is the significance of weather that comes from the east?
  3.  How did Egyptians and some today go beyond watching weather?
  4.  What about weather fascinates you?



The universe (all that is) fascinates me. From the heights of the sky to the depths of the ocean. From the smallest particle seen under a microscope to all of creation that travel will allow me to see. The reason is that I understand the God of the Bible to be the King of the Universe and I want to know Him as well as I can during my journey in this life. Enlarging our universe only happens through knowledge and understanding. So let the journey begin or continue.

God created the universe through His Son Christ Jesus. John 1:3 speaks of this pre-incarnate work of Christ. Even the great mind of Albert Einstein said that “God does not play dice with the universe”. His awareness of probability mathematics did not allow for an evolutionary chance model of creation. Those who disagree we call Epicureans. They who have always believed a ‘do your own thing’ model and are slaves to the elemental spirits of the universe (Galatians 4:3) and have not this mature understanding.

My understanding is at creation we have been given the sky (that which we can see and study), paradise where souls rest until the gates of the final Heaven are opened to us to live eternally with God. Until then God through the angelic world and in our lives has allowed for free will and Lucifer, as a fallen angel, took advantage of this introducing sin to mankind both in our physical and moral universe.

We must know though that God has not abandoned us. He is still active in the world (James 5:7-8). The laws of science we have today is how God is currently running the universe. These laws cannot say how God might eventually change them. What we can say for certainty is that if you are not born again of God in the present you will have no reservation in the future Kingdom for the unrighteous have NO SHARE IN THE THIRD KINGDOM OR HEAVEN.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Understand the universe and you better understand God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: John 1:3 “God created the universe through His Son”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for opening Your universe to me.


  1.  What is probability mathematics and how does it relate to the universe?
  2. Who are the Epicureans today?
  3. Where are the rules of the universe found?
  4. Is Revelations the key to the universe?


The works and wonders of God when looked upon as pointing to Him are indeed miraculous. Favorite verses of mine regarding this are Psalm 19:1-3 that point to the glory of God. In fact as Romans 19:20 shares we can clearly see God’s attributes and understand them through His creation.

What mankind must understand is that through nature we can understand God but nature must not become our god (Romans 1:25) or point to any number of other gods that we might dream up. For indeed their is only one God Who is sovereign over this world and everything in it (Acts 18:24). In nature we can see God’s goodness and we can see God’s judgment.

So what are the characteristics of nature that will help us understand God better? First of all is that it speaks a universal language (Romans 10:18). It would seem to me then that even those far off distant people who have no Bible can find God if they simply look at His creation. It is not unlike a painting telling us about the artist. In a sense we see the heart and conscience of the Creator in what is created. What they do not know is the saving message of Jesus Christ which only through Scripture we can share.

The danger in all this lies in, as touched on earlier, how we respond. What God intended for good we often corrupt with our futile thoughts and foolish hearts. Mankind in its infinite stupidity wants to take what is clearly evident and bring confusion upon those whom God desires be saved. This and so much more is WHAT GOD’S CREATION CAN TELL US.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Nature declares the name of God now to all who would be nourished and born anew.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Romans 1:19-20 “Nature declares God”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord declare Yourself to me in the wonders You surround me with.


  1. In what ways is God’s glory manifested in nature?
  2. How do we see God’s goodness and judgment in nature?
  3. How does our work speak of who we are?
  4. How does mankind bring confusion upon what God has made clearly evident?



There is a saying that if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually accept it as truth. For me evolution is one of those lies. Not in a micro sense where species change often dramatically within their group, but in a macro sense where without God out of nothing everything came.

Sadly evolution (as reported in virtually every television show, news sources and schools across this land) is one of those lies that has become an ideological movement having no overt religious content but yet when spoken of and accepted as absolute truth can capture a person body, soul and spirit. It is almost as the warning laid out in 1 Timothy 4:1 of God’s Word.

There was a time in education when ‘how’ to think allowed for challenging theory and great discussions. Today in many and perhaps most classrooms we have gone from ‘how’ and growing the mind to ‘what’ to think and indoctrination. Therein lies the great danger in education mostly unchallenged by families with children in school today.

After a great deal of study and reading as well as observation I hold to the truth of God’s Word. Mankind was CREATED in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27) and not evolved from sludge to an ape and then a human being with a conscience. It takes far less faith to believe the Bible than a so called ‘science’ textbook.

This applies to the theory of intelligent design as well which ‘educators’ do not accept either. Some say that yes God created all there is but over millions of years. Believe it if you wish but if we say God is omniscient and omnipotent as Scripture tells us in Isaiah 40:14 and in Genesis chapter one then it would be short sighted of us to doubt God could create all that is in 6 days (Exodus 20:11).

The real danger in evolution is that if there is no God then there is no Adam or original sin (Romans 5:12-21) and no need for Christ and the cross. Mankind can then live as they choose as there is no absolute. Survival of the fittest as Darwin proposed. Sadly, that chaotic state of existence is the direction society is moving today. That is THE SPIRITUAL PROBLEM OF EVOLUTION.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Evolution by its very nature when accepted furthers much (perhaps most) of the evil in society today.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: 1 Timothy 4:1 “a problem with evolution”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord guide us by Your truth.


  1. How does 1 Timothy 4:1 show the danger of evolution?
  2. Why do so many want to convince us of macro-evolution as fact?
  3. How do you explain out of nothing comes everything including a conscience without God?
  4. Is Christ necessary if evolution is true?



A Christian of long time past by the name of Anselm once uttered the Latin phrase “credo ut intelligon” which means: “I believe in order to understand”. That certainly is true as with my ever increasing faith my understanding of the world and its events become ever more clear. Hebrews 11:3 affirms this and it is why for me so easy to accept that all things came into being out of a spoken Word of God not some unexplained existing phenomena. Furthermore all that exists is held together by Christ’s ongoing over-site as Colossians 1:17 tells us. Any who  have ever studied ‘laminin’ which is critical to our DNA can appreciate this.

For me if truth be told, I believe it is our fault if we do not know God as He has made Himself self-evident clearly pointed out in the words of Romans 1:18-20. His eternal power and divine nature can be clearly understood by “all things that are made (vs. 20)”. It seems only common sense and yet our schools in their obsession to teach secular macro evolution without question are doing nothing more than often creating more fools for a foolish world (Psalm 14:1).

It is better for us to put that behind us and become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) taking on a new nature through spiritual transformation. We now become one with God understanding mercy and truth that allows us to reach into the heavens and the clouds (Psalm 57:10).

Our inheritance from God as His children was to be (2 Peter 3:13) and will be a perfect creation (Acts 3:21). Until that time satan, the god (little g) of this world, will continue in his destruction of life on earth where even now our worship of false gods and continuing in sin under the umbrella of political correctness is drawing us ever more quickly to that final battle when Christ returns destroying satan once for all and introducing us to our new eternal home. Until then we must continue to understand THE IMPORTANCE OF CREATION.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Creation is our daily companion giving us evidence of a Christian’s future citizenship.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Hebrews 11:3 “God is author of all creation”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for Your daily revelations through Word and world.


  1. How does laminin show Christ’s ongoing over-site?
  2. Where is the danger of evolutionary thought?
  3. How is the sin also the punishment?
  4. How does the movie “Chronicles of Narnia” portray the end time battle?

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I have always been fascinated by die hard evolutionists many of whom consider themselves scientists (in a fashion) who can explain away God and all that is, was or will ever be if just given enough time, space and matter. Without today looking at the short comings of what is still a ‘theory’ (that being macro-evolution), I do want us to understand God better in light of all these ‘view points’.

I stand unashamedly before you as a Creationist. I believe our Father God created all that is, was and will be and He continues to carry out His plan and purpose outside of our understanding of time for God is not restricted by the concepts of time, space and matter. In fact time and space are not as scientists would have us understand limited by the capacity of the human mind. Rather time is under the sole authority of God Himself (Acts 1:7) who is outside of time.

An example of that is what occurred in the days of Noah when a great flood covered the earth. As our days seem to be drawing nearer in likeness of Noah’s time we could see Christ’s return soon though we can not predict it with any certainty (Matthew 25:36-37).

What we can know is that all things do not happen randomly without rhyme or reason. We can also know that we are unable to control every detail of life. Knowing these two facts will either make us very fatalistic or trusting in how we view life. I  choose to be trusting for I believe in GOD’S PURPOSE for all of creation.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The purpose of God is to purge this world of evil and carry out His promises.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Matthew 24:36 “no one knows God’s timing”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord help me remain cognizant of all which you want me to be aware of.


  1. How is God’s purpose being fulfilled today?
  2. Do you believe we are nearing the end times?
  3. How do scientific and spiritual truths come together?
  4. Are you fatalistic or trusting?


Have you ever seen the world through someone else’s eyes? If you have ever taken a child to a zoo for example and observed them or listened to their conversation you have done just that. Now increase that experience to a level beyond imagination to see and experience the world through the eyes of God. Impossible you might say yet that is what God desires for each of us and states it clearly in Psalm 119:18 where we are to see ‘wondrous’ things from the law.

Law in Hebrew (the language of Christ’s time and Israel today) means the Torah which are the first five books of the Old Testament and knowing this it means so much more than legislation but instruction in its fullest meaning. It is to see and experience all through the lives of the Old Testament figures and of Christ as revealed in God’s Word and through His Spirit. It is why many including myself have taken on an understanding shared through what is called ‘The Hebrew Roots movement’ or Messianic understanding of life. In this I am a recent convert but one that in a short time has opened my eyes to wonders unbelievable.

On a simpler level this allows for appreciating the majesty of all God’s creation whether within us (body, soul and spirit) or external to us which covers all creation.

Wonders (miraculous works) are pointed out several times in the Bible beginning with Acts 7:36 telling us of the wonders and signs in Egypt, the Red Sea and the wilderness during the time of Moses (Psalm 105:26-45). These natural wonders from God still occur as clearly pointed out on a television network called the Weather Channel and it is why so many are avid followers of weather events.

Each day after I awake I consider how this day I can experience God’s gift of creation from the birds awakening to bring on the sunrise to the beautiful starlight sky after the sun goes down. Throughout the entire 24 hour span of time we can enjoy God’s wondrous gifts. Included in this we find Psalm 103:25 speak of the wonders of the deep to the signs and wonders we see on earth and in the heavens (Daniel 16:27). Knowing and understanding this depression should never come upon us. All this and more is why we join in the prayer of Psalm 119:18 to “open our eyes so that we might see the wondrous things (spoken of) in God’s law (Torah)”. Each and every day we can SEE THE WONDERS OF GOD.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  God’s work and Word are seen in the wonders of the world.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Psalm 119:18 “seeing God’s wonders”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may I never cease to be amazed at Your creation.


  1. How do you appreciate God’s wonders?
  2. How does God’s creation impact your understanding of Scripture?
  3. How important is understanding the Torah (first 5 books of the Old Testament) to you?
  4. Does weather fascinate you?


In the mail many of us are now receiving seed catalogs of one type or another. We look forward to the beginning of planting and ultimately later on the harvest from our efforts. As Christians that process has a great deal more meaning as we look to the efforts we have made in studying the seed catalog of God’s Word (the Bible) and planted what it offers in the hearts of others hoping and praying it will find good soil to grow in until the harvest of salvation.

Looking at beginnings God wants us to know the origin of or starting point for first of all creation. Genesis 1:1 tells us God created the heavens and the earth and all things (John 1:3) upon or within them. Macro-evolutionists would argue otherwise despite being unable to explain where the first particle of existence originated. How wonderful to know and accept our seed is from God.

Sin began as well at the time of creation through the disobedience of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-6). Born morally innocent Adam and Eve as the original parents brought spiritual and physical death to all future generations but thanks be to God that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and through that death on the cross brought us salvation. A beginning with a wonderful ending.

In this life wonderful opportunities exist but we also need to understand that the devil also had a beginning (John 8:44) and since his coming into the world has used lies along with many other devices to separate creation from the Creator. We must be ever alert for his wiles to distract us from the path of salvation God desires for us. Our weapon in this battle is the Gospel which had its beginning when God preached it to Abraham (Galatians 3:8). Prior to this God’s people lived by the old (Mosaic) Covenant recorded in Exodus 19:5-8. This was in place until the new Covenant was ushered in with Christ (Matthew 26:28). In Christ we have A NEW BEGINNING WITH A GLORIOUS END.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The best beginning is based on our belief in God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Genesis 1:1 “the beginning of all creation”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord help me plant your seed in others.


  1. How do you understand the beginning of creation?
  2. How do you celebrate beginnings?
  3. What is the fallacy of macro-evolution?
  4. Is the devil still active today and if so in what ways?


Throughout my life I have tried to make the place where I have “put down my roots” a place of comfort as much as is possible. I choose to live in an environment where the sounds and other sensory delights are readily available. Sensory delights which are available to all of us such as the sights and sounds of God’s creation as first told to us in Genesis chapter one. Genesis a place where God’s Word begins and where a true appreciation for life also starts. Free will allows all of us to believe in a world created by an omnipotent God or as many unfortunately do in what is termed as macro-evolution where everything literally must come from nothing. I choose to believe in a loving Creator Who has designed all of creation with great detail for us to appreciate.

Likewise we see the work of God in the heavens (Psalm 8:3). For me astronomy (the study of the stars) and observing weather closely is absolutely fascinating. God has given us a theater that has a show which plays 24/7 and because of its ever changing nature it is worth observing at every moment. For me of late it is interesting to see how the Zodiac (12 of the 80+ known constellations) tell the story of God’s relationship with man. It should also be noted that this study is far different from astrology (ex. horoscopes) which I do not believe in for numerous Scriptural reasons.

As we enjoy the heavens so we should also enjoy the deep (Ps. 107:24) as God’s Work. To me learning to scuba dive is one thing I wish I would have learned but not having done so we who do not ‘scuba’ have been given aquariums to appreciate a small part of ‘the deep’. Indeed God has given us so much to help us find COMFORT IN OUR SURROUNDINGS that we should look to each day as a real blessing. In fact that may well be God’s greatest work which are those people who are ‘regenerate’ or born again into Him and to whom God will bless with a true understanding for and appreciation of His wonderful works that give us so much comfort.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The works of God are seen in the wonders that bare witness to God’s love.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Psalm 107:24 “examples of God’s Work”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for the wonders of creation.


1. What of God’s creation do you most enjoy and in what manner do you enjoy them?

2. What is the fascination with star gazing and storm chasing?

3. What is the difference between astronomy and astrology?

4. What places have been given to us to appreciate God’s masterful works (ex. planetariums, aquariums, etc.)?

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I enjoy observing nature in all its glory and one aspect of nature that I especially enjoy is bird watching. Occasionally I will put grain in a bird feeder near my house and observe all that goes with a birds eating habits and how it relates to others of its species. God gave us birds for a reason and the features of birds allow God to pass along lessons to us.

The lessons begin in Song of Solomon 2:12 and that is the various songs they sing and when they sing. I always look forward to the ‘coo’ of the mourning dove in the spring and other different bird sounds (thrush,robin,etc.). Those sounds tell us it is once more time to get to work and enjoy it while we are at it.

Birds remind us also that there is a time for everything which includes the judgment of God (Jeremiah 8:7). We are not to take lightly our time on earth as death may be just around the corner and our opportunity for salvation no longer is available.

Doves or pigeons were also used for sacrifice (Luke 12:24). Today that is no longer necessary as the ultimate sacrifice was made by Christ Jesus and the dove used in this ceremony ascended to the heavens at the baptism of Jesus knowing full well that He would be the ultimate sacrifice.

Birds are also a reminder to us that God provides what we need if we seek it out (Psalm 104:10-12) and no matter what we feel we need we should trust God to provide (ex. rain, warm weather). That does not mean we are to be lazy but rather to trust God to care for His own.

Finally we are reminded of is since God provides we are not to worship through the building of idols such as was once done with birds (Romans 1:23). That is easy to do and many today through their time and money worship the things of creation rather than the Creator God. Birds as well as God’s other creatures are for mans purpose (James 3:7)  and for that alone. Indeed there is much we can LEARN FROM NATURE.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Birds are a blessing as they show us the benevolence of God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Luke 12:24 “Birds are evidence that God provides”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for the lessons of creation.


1. What can birds and nature teach us?

2. How do you appreciate the sound’s of spring?

3. Do you spend your time wisely especially regarding your journey of faith?

4. How would you live by nature alone?