Following my devotional posts you will understand my fascination with weather. Scripture is filled with all aspects of it including the accurate proverbs recorded in the 37th chapter of Job. Written by someone who, like myself, would watch weather closely.

The reason for my fascination is that if we truly desire to understand God then we will want to understand that which is under His divine control. Samuel understood this in writing the words of 1 Samuel 12:16-19. Today those same words of “calling upon the Lord” for rain are uttered by individuals and political leaders across our land when faced by drought.

For myself the fascination of weather lies in the signs it foretells. Today most overlook that critical purpose of weather. A purpose that even those who opposed Christ (Pharisees and Sadducee’s) understood (Matthew 16:1). In fact Christ in His own words (Luke 12:54-57) warns us that if we are discerning we will watch that which weather can tell us about the times now and the future.

The prophet Ezekiel shares in Ezekiel 38:2 and 22 that what happened to the Egyptians when holding the Jewish nation in bondage (Exodus 9:18) will one day return. When all we who believe will be freed from sin. Until then KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKY.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Watching weather is a way to be warned of what God has planned.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: 1 Samuel  12:17 “prayer for the blessing of rain”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I hold Your forecast close to my heart.


  1.  What aspects of weather does Scripture address?
  2.  What is the significance of weather that comes from the east?
  3.  How did Egyptians and some today go beyond watching weather?
  4.  What about weather fascinates you?



In the past I have shared with you my belief that God is in the business of restoration. From that which is evil or bad God brings good or as one saying goes “all things are made new again”. From this we can take great comfort but must allow ourselves patience and put total trust in Him. The key is God’s timing for the restoration to take place.

One example of this is seen in the history of the Jews as a nation who due to the Diaspora (dispersion to many lands) over centuries because of conflicts are now once more united as a nation. Out of the evil of the Holocaust came the good of a people reunited. What began in 1948 as 600,000 dispersed Jews forming a nation now number in the millions and growing each day. In Zechariah chapter 8 especially verses 4-5  we can see the restoration of Israel. These people as Isaiah 11:12 tells us will come from all over the world to return to their homeland and we as gentiles wherever we may live must support them or there will be a price to pay.

Spiritually Israel is so much more than a nation of dispersed Jews as God would have us also know that the Messiah (Christ Jesus) is also Israel (Isaiah 49:3) as are we who believe and have taken upon ourselves to be a new creation (Galatians 6:15-16). We are the true church becoming God’s redeemed ones who will one day in God’s timing leave this human body of sin and decay to a new eternal and perfect body. As Israel has come together so will all we who believe and are chosen as God shows us He has a plan and that plan is that OUT OF EVIL COMES GOOD.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: All individuals should offer prayers of intercession for God’s chosen including the nation of Israel.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Isaiah 11:12 “Israel re-united”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for making me a new creation.


1. How have you or will you see restoration in your life?

2. What is your understanding of patience, trust and God’s timing?

3. How is our nation respecting God’s Word regarding the reunification and upholding of Israel?

4. What is necessary to become a new creation?

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God has a plan for us and His plan will be fulfilled (Isaiah 14:24). It is for us to get on board or stand and watch the train go by. In this plan God offers us the opportunity to repent and return to Him or continue in our sinful ways and join Satan. Each of us will make that decision for ourselves.

In the above mentioned verse we see one of the characteristics of prophecy (the fulfillment of God’s plan) which is that prophecy is given by God. Within prophecy as we most especially see in Isaiah (ex. Isaiah 41:22-23) we can know the past, present and future. This was affirmed in the life of Christ which has been known since the time of Moses (Luke 24:44). The central theme of all prophecy rests in the birth-death and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Another characteristic of prophecy (the foretelling of events God has planned for us) is spoken of in 2 Peter 1:20-21 which is that we have to be careful in looking at Scripture as being prophetic when we do so purely from a human perspective. Unless our understanding of and speaking prophecy (assuming we have been given that gift of the Spirit) is inspired by the Holy Spirit it may cause more harm than good. Those who claim to be prophets need to be tested against the truth of God’s Word.

Finally regarding prophecy and how it applies to our lives we should know that it is always relevant as shown in the Bible up to and including the Second Coming. It is all explained and shown in the Scripture given to us and nothing should be added or deleted by man’s choosing (Rev. 22:18-19).

THE BIG PICTURE for ALL life lies before us in God’s Word. Simply read, study, understand and observe as God’s plan for mankind unfolds.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Prophecy puts power into the potentiality of mankind’s purpose.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY:  Isaiah 14:24  “God’s plan will be fulfilled”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Lord help me understand Your plan.


1. Do you know what God’s plan is for you?

2. Who were the prophets of Scripture?

3. What prophecies of Scripture are yet to be fulfilled?

4. What false prophets speak today?

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