I am about to share what will disappoint a great many people but I do so based on my acceptance of all Scripture as inerrant. Doing otherwise, as so many have, puts self before God on deciding what is or is not the recorded Word of God. The position of the female sex in relation to man is to understand that she was created from man (Genesis 2:21-25) and made by God to help him (Genesis 2:18-20). Evolutionary thought says God did not create mankind according to Genesis chapter 2 and therefore these views are archaic and if in fact so then Genesis is irrelevant removing the idea of original sin and a need for Christ and His death and resurrection for our sins. A Pandora’s box that opens the world to a huge range of misbehavior that we are beginning to see society practice and accept today.

I believe Genesis is the perfect plan if understood properly. Marriage is for children and when blessed with children career should be secondary to that of a mother and homemaker. In my personal case my wife assisted in my office so that earnings more than offset her previous wages and she was always their for our children. Children that when once grown allowed me to retire and help my wife establish a long and successful career of her own.

A woman, despite those who desire to confuse gender, has special spiritual insight as noted in the example of the mother of Samson in Judges 13:23. Indeed a woman can show her faith in our Lord and Savior in such a manner (2 Timothy 1:5) that she will be forever held in the highest regard by her family for her being led to and leading others to a saving faith. What a wonderful thing it is when living according to God’s plan to be THE ROLE OF A WOMAN.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A woman filled with the wisdom of God is a wonderful partner.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Galatians 3:28 “woman is equal in Christ”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord help us all to understand and accept Your will for our lives.


  1.  Why is the role of man woman in such a state of turmoil?
  2.  How does the theory of evolution affect the role of a woman?
  3.  How does Galatians 3:28 fit with the role of women in Genesis 2?
  4.  How can a woman impact lives spiritually



Two institutions on earth that are to personify God and His relationship with us are found in the Christian congregation and the institution of marriage. All that is good and pure are to be contained therein. Yesterday I spoke about the husband in marriage and today we look at the wife’s relationships with her husband. It is important to note here again that God’s Word does not affirm this same relationship between two men or two women no matter what a ‘politically correct’ society or ‘constitutional guarantee’ a human court may decide.

The relationship between a husband and wife from the time before Christ was to be exclusive. Solomon in all his wisdom used very vivid language in speaking  of this mutual faithfulness in Proverbs 5:15-20. In this exclusive relationship their is to be not only emotional and spiritual satisfaction but fulfillment of a physical relationship as well. Marriage is blessed when this complete relationship is in place and through marriage we can then better understand what it is to be in a complete relationship with our Lord and Savior.

As stated before this relationship is to be mutually exclusive. Again between one man and one woman as we see recorded in the words of Paul found in 1 Corinthians 7:1-5. Paul here speaks of celibacy during prayer and fasting. It should be noted there is no provision for celibacy at all  times as it leads to a great many problems. Only those times when devotion to the Lord is in place is it acceptable in a marriage.

Finally, it should be noted the Bible encourages sexual fulfillment but it is to be an undefiled relationship (Hebrews 13:4). The Bible does not condone promiscuity which we sadly see 24/7 on television and in the news. It is today more difficult yet evermore necessary we understand THE ROLE OF THE WIFE.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Wives should welcome husbands according to the will of God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSES FOR TODAY: 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 “wife relationship to husband is to be mutually agreeable”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord speak to the hearts of Christian women and men to give them understanding.


  1.  How do you understand the role of a wife?
  2.  What does it mean to be in a complete relationship with our Lord and Savior?
  3.  What does it mean to be in a complete relationship with your husband or wife?
  4.  How can we protect Christian homes from a society without a moral foundation?


Since ages long since past mankind has abused women and the role for which God intended them. In today’s news you hear countless stories of ‘sex slaves’. Women and girls of all ages sold by family or themselves for illicit use and abuse. In Scripture they were called harlots who were without shame and would paint and adorn themselves when called upon (Ezekiel 23:30,40). Not unlike today. In the time of the Old Testament as now they would roam the street (Proverbs 7:12) and charge for their time (Proverbs 29:3).

Most in society I would hope are repulsed by this behavior and do whatever they can to stop its furtherance and impress on the prostitute the importance of a dignified life that is faith based. Strangely even feminists do nothing to curb this problem in today’s world. The issue is as God’s Word tells us in Amos 2:7 that prostitution defiles God’s Name. Harlotry or prostitution (one and the same) is wrong on  so many levels that Israel, God’s chosen, was abandoned by God for their prostituting actions (Hosea 3:11-19).

Today we look the other way at these individuals and places where they locate. We excuse it in many ways while those caught in its clutches pay a huge price. From the time of Moses (Leviticus 19:29) it was forbidden as it should be today. Not only was it punished but it was done so severely.

It was God’s intention for woman to be united with one man and to be blessed with children all to honor and further His Kingdom. Sadly much of the world has fallen under the spell of the god (small g) of this world and continue to destroy God’s perfect plan in their daily PROSTITUTING THEMSELVES.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Harlots provide happiness to the wicked while one day feeling punishment from the Lord’s hands.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Ezekiel 23:40 “a harlot’s appearance”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord strengthen all who help prostitutes see the error of their ways.


  1. How is the harlot of old like the prostitute of today?
  2. In what ways is prostitution wrong?
  3. What excuses do we make for allowing prostitution?
  4. Is there something you can do today  to help end prostitution?


We live in a society that desires to confuse us. At one time it was clear how to define a man and a woman from birth on. Today as we continue to disregard the Bible and its truth that has changed. Scripture tells us fools hate the knowledge of God’s Word. Self for many has been put at the forefront in place of God.

This being said we recently celebrated Mother’s Day. A mother is a very special person with special responsibilities. So much so that at one time sons went to a mother for choosing a wife (Genesis 21:21).

The primary responsibility of a mother was as a homemaker which was highly esteemed. A career once venerated now often berated. As a homemaker the mother was the glue that held a family together. In that regard one duty was to provide hospitality as seen in Genesis 25:55.

Providing nourishment is another duty. Mothers who nurse their children (Exodus 2:8-9) begin this special bonding from a child’s first moments. Despite societies effort to redefine gender our DNA does not change. Only a sinful society would desire to change the perfection of an omniscient God. We all know how that turned out for the first man and woman.

Women certainly are not expected to be separated from affairs of society. Bathsheba’s influence on King David (1 Kings 1:11-21) showed that. For me Scripture shows us this is acceptable but must be understood within the scope of the greater picture.

What God has transferred from His Character to the role of a mother is to provide among other areas the role of comforter (Isaiah 66:13). Each woman today must decide for themselves if they first of all want to be a mother and then if given the opportunity what kind of mother they want to become. Indeed the IMPORTANCE OF BEING A MOTHER is not only a great honor but a great responsibility. It is showing the presence of God in a child’s life.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Mothers make a child’s moments meaningful.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Isaiah 66:12-13 “one motherly duty is to comfort”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may all mothers and mothers to be understand their importance in Your creation.


  1. How is society trying to redefine gender?
  2. How does our DNA define us?
  3. Is the role of homemaker still important and why?
  4. What did you learn from your mother?



As I write this we will be shortly celebrating Thanksgiving where as family we come together to thank God for His many blessings. In our broken world where individualism in all its many facets is taught and encouraged we see the brokenness that often results and so for a moment I think it important to look at the foundation of what makes a family.

To begin with we must understand that the family is a divine creation (Genesis 1:27-28) from God and in its perfection not to be tampered with. It is why I feel so strongly about issues such as abortion, traditional marriage and radical feminism among other areas as it shows a self-centered individualism trying to re-define what God has already perfected.

Marriage was as God’s law tells us in Exodus 20:12 and 14 to be a monogamous relationship between a male and female partner totally dedicated to each other. With half of all marriages ending in divorce there seems to be some major problems here that need to be addressed including among families who claim the label Christian. In fact Christ Jesus Himself spoke these words in Matthew 19:6 by placing responsibility on the man not to separate save for an adulterous wife (Matthew 5:32) and the evil nature of a man who would cause that type of situation.

One of the most difficult passages to explain in a world where everyone wants to be independent is 1 Corinthians 11:3 where Paul speaks of the headship of a man over a woman. The importance of this lies in the need for orderly arrangement in a world God created and mankind seems bent on destroying. One source I read spoke of it as a need to restore proper spiritual relationships after Eve initially broke it through original sin bringing man into that sinful relationship. That orderly relationship as vs.3 tells us is God-Christ-man-woman.

From this right understanding then are to come children who are to be subordinate to their parents (Ephesians 6:1-4). This then is WHAT MAKES A FAMILY.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The family foundation is built on right understanding of God’s plan.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: 1 Corinthians 11:3-7 “An orderly spiritual relationship within each family”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may my family be a blessing unto You.


  1. What is the root cause of divorce and how can it be fixed?
  2. How do you understand based on God’s Word the headship of a man over a woman (1 Corinthians 11:3)?
  3. How does the Bible define ‘headship’?
  4. How would understanding God’s plan change parenting in today’s world?

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How times have changed. Each generation is growing dramatically more different than the previous one and when you insert cultural lifestyles into the mix it then becomes easier to see how difficult it is to understand what is happening around us.

One aspect of life that has really changed is the role of women from the time of the writing of Scripture to the present. A greater sense of independence brought on by education among other factors seem to lesson the importance of not only marriage in the eyes of many women but also how the church guided by God’s truth should speak to their concerns and needs.

A woman who does marry and outlives her husband once upon a time was quite destitute. Not so much today. Still we are told that for widows there are certain provisions to be made including the basic necessities such as addressed in Deuteronomy 24:17-21. The laws of our land including inheritance laws meet that obligation pretty well although it was not too long ago male children received property over even the mother when a father died. That is still the case in many cultures including some in the United States.

I do believe that for many women who choose to commit themselves to a family (children, husband and husbands career) and therefore may be less prepared for a husband who dies prematurely that in those situations the widow needs additional support whether through encouraging the husband to provide some sort of death benefit while alive or whatever else can be done and if not the church needs to support the widow which applies not only financially but emotionally and spiritually as well.

One thing the Bible is clear on is that remarriage after widowhood is encouraged (Romans 7:3). There may not be a financial necessity for this but from an emotional perspective this may still be a necessity that we as a church support. THE WIDOW will always need in some fashion to be provided for.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: It is God’s way for the church to always be welcoming to widows.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Isaiah 1:17 “protect the widow”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may I always honor Your wishes in all matters.


1. What has caused the role of women to change in society?

2. How should the church guided by God’s Word look at these roles women take on especially in situations of widowhood?

3. What needs might a widow have in today’s world?

4. How should society support women who desire to commit themselves solely to a family and its needs versus a career outside the marriage obligations?


As I have shared in the past I believe God desires two things primarily from we who follow Him and desire to grow in His image. Those two traits are unity and love in the fullest since of each word. In Scripture the symbol for love is often that of a mother but even here God cautions us about what it means to be a mother.

For example in Ezekiel chapter 19 we see that she can be nurturing, fruitful and strong but later through the example of the nation of Judah she can also be unfaithful. Sadly far to often in today’s society do we see mothers who exemplify that by there considering Christian faith of little or no importance.

In Hosea chapter 2 we see the word mother associated with the nation of Israel and in this example she was accused of being a spiritual harlot in the sense of worshiping other gods and practicing empty rituals. There is much that a mother can learn from these comparisons in order to avoid not being like this themselves and if it were to end here the goal of motherhood would not be anything to look forward to but it does not end here as the Bible has one more example of what a mother is a facsimile of.

The Scripture finishes off with the figurative example of a true mother being like our Heavenly Jerusalem home. Motherhood means so very much and can when not careful be a destructive force but when a mother (as with any of us) places her life into the hands of God completely our experience as mothers or with our mothers can be truly wonderful. In fact it can be heavenly. This is truly the MEANING OF MOTHERHOOD.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The mission of a mother is to magnify the Lord.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Ezekiel 19:10 “what a mother is figurative of”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for all our faithful mothers.


1. Describe your mother?

2. Why are places better described from the perspective of a mother than a father?

3. What are the dangers of an unfaithful mother?

4. Compare heaven to motherhood?


A topic that for many Christians is snickered at but society seems to be obsessed by is sex and most especially regarding virginity (defined as an untouched woman). Scrolling through my cable TV channels I now see the channel set aside for youth (MTV) has a show mocking virginity and one show after another on television and in the movies seems to agree with MTV’s viewpoint.

The topic of virginity is not to be avoided nor does the Bible do so, but for many the understanding of it is vague at best. King Solomon proclaimed to be one of the wisest men ever in Proverbs 30:18-19 puts the male and yet untouched female level at the same majestic level as travel in the sky, on earth and on water so it behooves us to know what God wants us to have knowledge about regarding this topic.

Today couples ‘play house’ on a seemingly regular basis. In Deut. 22:28-29 that action would be considered the same as marriage especially in regards to never separating unless as Christ clarified later for infidelity reasons. The danger of course is that the reason for what once was called courtship (dating) necessary to learn about how compatible you are with someone is now cast aside. The idea of living together has potentially serious repercussions if the dating is not first gone through.

The love of a man for an  untouched woman that brings forth a child as in the case of the Virgin Mary and after a relationship for mortals is so special that God used this method to introduce Himself to earth in human form. The Virgin Mary still serves as a role model for women in the understanding of sexual intimacy.

Another perspective is presented by Paul in 1 Cor. 8:34. Paul supports marriage and even with a virgin past child bearing age but seems to feel that if a person is inclined as a young unwed woman to disciple for Christ she should remain clean and therefore unmarried. The secondary work that goes with marriage takes time away from God. To remain untouched is in fact so highly regarded that John writes in Rev. 14:4 of some virgins who will one day be presented to God and I suspect that is the reason for convents where in some faiths women choose to dedicate their earthly life to God going UNTOUCHED.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A life of a virgin is not vain when following the voice of God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Prov. 30:18 “an amazing relationship”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord my body, soul and spirit is Yours.


1. What is your view of virginity?

2. Is it okay to consummate the act of marriage before speaking vows before God?

3. How has Hollywood distorted virginity and marriage?

4. Have you ever visited with a convent member?


Society screams out at us that in order to feel good you must look good. For women its glitz, glamour, Hollywood and the “inner cheerleader” in many of you. For men its the suit, shirt and shoes “dressed to the nines” look. Yet what makes a person truly beautiful or handsome has nothing to do with the above. It is what Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 2:10 which is that attractiveness comes from devotion to God and doing good things.

Now I don’t mean to discourage people from a nice appearance but doing so at the expense of what is the “inner beauty” God seeks is where the problem begins. Many today, if the apostle Paul and others who followed Christ walked our streets, would cry out against their teachings. It is no longer relevant they would say. It doesn’t let us reach our full self-fulfillment, and yet that is exactly the problem. The world today has become about self and not about God and others.

So what should be our attitude about apparel. First of all we should not covet apparel (Acts 20:33). To covet is to have an insatiable desire for something. That is exactly what the advertising world wants to build in us. A kind of “I must have that” viewpoint which can easily pull us away from what we should truly desire and “must have” which is more of God in our lives.

We also need to understand what our appearance should be when we come before God ( which in truth is 24/7) most especially in worship. Our verse today speaks of this and which many still follow. In my youth it was customary to come in humility with head covered truly desiring that God enter their hearts. That is exactly what we are told in 1 Peter 3:4. God seeks the hidden person in the heart. The gentle and quiet spirit. Today ask yourself HOW SHOULD I DRESS most especially in the presence of God.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  God seeks our divine appearance not the outward appearance of apparel.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY;  1 Timothy 2:9-10  “apparel should come with a modest attitude”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Lord may I seek more to please You.


1. Do you consider how you dress?

2. How should someone dress “in church”?

3. What does it mean to dress modestly?

4. How does society control our actions especially regarding attitudes on apparel?