It seems to me there is much around us that can bring on a depression of spirit. We start off the day with depressing news casts and often don’t go to sleep without watching the news. Somehow that doesn’t seem like the answer for what ails us to overcome this ‘down in the dumps’ mood we believe we need. For many we look outside of ourselves to find the ‘good feeling’ and so we cling to sports teams, become groupies for some unique personality or perhaps we turn to alcohol, drugs or narcotics. The end result eventually is often a let down as we return to reality.

The Bible tells us the cause for despondency often lies in, for example, mourning such as Jacob felt when he thought his son Joseph had died (Genesis 37:34-35). The only solution to this separation brought on by death or some other means of course is our hope in God (Psalm 42:5). In fact without our hope in God our life would indeed be pitiful.

Many feel despondent in reaction to sickness such as Hezekiah did (Isaiah 38:9-12). It is a major factor in the popularity of euthanasia. Legally ending our lives prematurely with the assistance of others. When that is done we remove ourselves from a healing God who values each of us created in His image and so we buy into satan’s argument feeling we have no longer a purpose and despondency often leading to death sets in.

Sorrow drives many into despondency even to the point of suicide. Here is where forgiveness is so important. Others forgiving us for sins we committed whatever they may be (while still allowing for accountability for actions committed). Not only do we need outside forgiveness but we have to forgive ourselves as well. If not, the problem will eat away at our soul to the point of destroying it.

This life by its nature will be full of adversity. No one understood that better than Job who shared his feelings in Job 9:16-35. There will be times when we will wonder where God is but we can rest assured no matter what the cause God is at our side and ready to help us with our DEPRESSION.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Despondency is difficult unless we turn our depression into devotion toward God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Psalm 42:5 “answer for depression”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord keep me strong.


  1. What around us brings on depression?
  2. Where does society go for comfort and with what results?
  3. Is there something you need forgiveness for?
  4. What is the Biblical answer for depression?

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