Jesus was a plain speaking person and on one occasion in doing so he upset his disciples. He had brought their training along gradually with lesser miracles and then healings and raising individuals from death but now it was time to let them know that soon they would be on their own on this earth. In Matthew 16:21-24 he shares the events that were soon to take place. There would be the entry into Jerusalem, His rejection by the church leaders and people followed by their condemnation and then the government putting him to death and God resurrecting Him. Peter despite his good intentions could not see this happening and called Christ out for His words. Here is where this life event of Christ gets interesting.

Peter’s actions and words were not submissive to God’s plan and Christ resented it saying it was as if satan were speaking the words from his mouth. Today we also as disciples of Christ in this world and our  lifetime need to be brought along slowly. As if nurturing a child we need to first become familiar with Christ and then fully submit to the plan of God which is that we and others who repent and are baptized will see the glory of Heaven. For us to challenge God and His Word makes us no different than Peter drawing the anger of Christ.

Peter did not want to see Christ suffer yet that is part and parcel of being a Christian. It is satan who does not want us to suffer for our Lord and Savior for suffering helps us to identify with Him. I believe you can’t gain the crown without the cross and so there is no resurrection without our death to this life. Today it is important that we dwell not on the things of this world with its pomp and pageantry that favors our human nature but rather we are to measure our lives by divine not human standards. When doing so we loudly proclaim each time GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Carrying the cross for Christ is crucial for a Christian.

DEVOTIONAL VERSES FOR TODAY: Matthew 16:21-24 “What Christ resents in humankind who follow Him”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may I always follow the plan You  have laid out for my life.


  1.  Have you ever challenged the message of Christ?
  2.  How far along in the nurturing process as a disciple of Christ are you?
  3.  How did Peter show that good intentions do not justify wrongful action?
  4.  What crosses are you bearing for Jesus?

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