Communication that is open and honest is what our society needs perhaps as much as anything. Certainly this should apply outside the family but within the family it is an even greater necessity. Yet even that is not the number one need. That remains for the communication on prayer between God and the righteous (a character approved by God) man and woman.

When each of us take on the mantel of living a righteous life and we pray fervently God will hear us as James 5:16 tells us. To understand this and open the lines of communication like a newly opened blood vessel to the heart we need to understand what is necessary to correct and verse 16 begins with the fact that we must confess our sins. I suspect this is the verse for our Roman Catholic friends that is used for justifying their Sacrament of Confession to a priest. Whether it is or not one thing is certain. That is that society and many of its psychologists have redefined sin as ‘neurosis’ or ‘problems’ often obscuring personal responsibility for the sinful act. That certainly isn’t helping our desire for effective prayer.

Isaiah 59:1-2 lets us know we need to confess our sins directly to God while also being genuinely sorry. If our confession and sorrow are sincere we will not only intend to stop sinning but actually stop. Doing so James and others in Scripture tell us we must then ask in prayer for the right reasons never doubting that He will answer. ThisĀ  is the way to GETTING PRAYER ANSWERED!

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Prayer packs potency when presented properly.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: James 5:16 “getting prayers answered”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I confess my sin before You and pray for Your open heart.


  1. How does your prayer life look?
  2. What has society done to sin?
  3. What are you doing to grow in righteousness?
  4. When you confess your sins what happens next?

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