Wheat has always fascinated me. The reason is its ties to Scripture and also my German from Russia cultural background. Numerous articles and artifacts exist showing the story of Hard Red Winter Wheat brought here by my ancestors and its effect on American culture, food and so much more.

Spiritually this life giving cereal was first grown in Egypt as shown in Exodus 9:32 and later incorporated into the spiritual life of Israel. In that regard it is good for us to understand how it has been spoken of in Scripture.

It is important here to note that a companion plant called zonin looks like wheat in its early stages but ultimately ends up being exposed as a weed. That is the message for Christians in Matthew 13:25. Like wheat we will likely go through a process of sifting (trials and temptations) in which the weed seeds and the chaff will be cast aside and eventually destroyed. Christ Himself referenced this in Luke 22:31. Wheat planted as a naked kernel grows in righteousness to be harvested by the great reaper Christ Jesus.

Christ references His death (John 12:24) as like unto that grain of wheat. Unless it is first planted into the ground as one day we will be upon our deaths, we will not be able to experience Resurrection save for the rapture upon Christ’s return or sooner depending on your viewpoint. That being said Wheat was the primary grain offered at the temple in worship to God. So should it be that we now offer our own lives as LIVING SACRIFICES TO GOD.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Waiting on the Lord enriches our life like a grain of wheat.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Matthew 3:12 “”Wheat is figurative of being a Christian”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I desire to be tested and found not wanting.


1. What does it mean to be a living sacrifice to God?

2. How are Christians symbolic of wheat?

3. What is zonin?

4. What is the history of wheat especially in its transition coming into the United States?

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