The definition of freedom is “unrestricted action”. In this country of the USA it is celebrated with vigor. Today is Independence Day when families across the land remember (or should) what it means to be free. Great speeches will be made , people will reflect on the statue of liberty and other landmarks including the cemeteries where buried lie those who fought for our freedom.

Sadly I think many, maybe even most, of us look the other way as each day more laws and regulations are passed as well as entitlement monies sent out by our various government entities which cut into that critical civil liberty our founding fathers first gave us. Yet there is one freedom which will never be regulated away or for which I am not willing to take all the money in the world. That is my spiritual freedom or liberty that only God gives and to whom one day it will return.

In Psalm 119:41-48 we are told what is required for us to keep this spiritual liberty which is to daily walk in it. Just as responsibilities exist to keep a country free so we have a responsibility to keep our spiritual freedom and as Psalms tells us that only comes with walking in God’s truth first and foremost. That path has already been blazed for us and so our journey is simply to follow in the foot steps of Christ Jesus (Gal. 2:4). We spoke often of role models for our youth as well as ourselves and we cling to and model our lives after the rich and famous even to the point of modeling our behavior and lifestyle after them yet none of them hold a candle to the example Christ set for us.

That example is clearly explained in Gal. 5:13 where we are told the PURPOSE OF FREEDOM which is service. Service not to ourselves but one another for that is what God and Christ Jesus are all about which is love for our fellowman (vs. 14). In James 1:25 we see what it means to have perfect liberty and that is in our abiding in our service to our creator and to his creation. Only then will we find the true PUPOSE OF FREEDOM.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  Spiritual liberty shown in love leads to life eternal.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY:  Gal. 5:13  “Christians are called to spiritual liberty”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Lord I want to be free at last in my service to You and Your kingdom.


1. Do you feel spiritually free?

2. What keeps you from total spiritual freedom?

3. How does spiritual freedom relate to civic freedom?

4. What needs to be done to protect freedom in all its many forms?

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