Most everything we do has attached to it ‘helpful hints’ or ‘instructions’ of some sort. As I have discovered on numerous occasions when I follow the requirements life goes a whole lot easier and the end result is a great deal more enjoyable.

Part of a Christians life is prayer and it also has certain requirements that will make our journey of faith more fulfilling. We begin in Mt. 6:6 where simplicity in prayer that is not meant for show or for the eyes of others is effective prayer. Matthew goes on to say in vs. 7 the prayers need not be long winded as even a few words between us and our Heavenly Father are appreciated. It is why I find that even a few words between two individuals who care for one another (family or friend) no matter how they are sent are uplifting and important. Most especially are words centered within a forgiving and loving spirit.

I believe Scripture as seen in Mt. 7:7-11 and Luke 11:8 tells us prayer should be intense. It somewhat reminds me of a child asking a parent for something and perhaps after a parent sees how badly you desire it and knowing it be good for you in some way agrees. So it is with God and our intense prayer.

God also appreciates when we come together in common purpose (Mt. 18:19-20). Should two pray together even then it will add to the moment and the request. This unity that God sees in our prayer life should lead us to confident expectation for good results according to God’s will (Mark 11:24).

What God seeks from us is humility in all walks we take and most especially in prayer life (Luke 18:10-14). Humility was once far more common especially in our church life but attitudes have changed and with it how we dress, act and even speak in His presence. If we were to follow these requirements and pray more often (not just Sundays, meal time or bed time) then with simple yet unceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:7) prayer we would find that God seeing our fulfillment of His PRAYER REQUIREMENTS will answer us in ways we can’t even imagine.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Purposeful prayer produces precious results.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: 1 Thess. 5:17 “unceasing prayer is required.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may my prayer life be acceptable to You.


1. Is there someone including God who you can uplift today through the sharing of a few words?

2. Have you thought about forming a prayer partnership?

3. How can we show more humility in our prayer life?

4. How often do you pray to God and in what manner?


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