I doubt there are few who would disagree with me that the world is going crazy. There was once a time when all its various institutions (government, news, education and even churches, etc.) were looked upon with greater favor than they are now. Sadly the desire for money, power and self satisfaction have brought them and other institutions to the low point we are at now. The question then must be asked in what or whom should we place our confidence?

The first and most obvious answer is God the Father as Christ noted in John 14:1 and in His Son Jesus Christ (John 20:31). In a world becoming ever more secular there is no one else who can give us the fullness of life we seek now and for all eternity.

In an effort to build on this rewarding relationship it is important to become well informed on Their teachings. This begins with the writings of Moses (Pentateuch) centered in the first 4 books of the Old Testament (John 5:46). Christ Himself here spoke of how Moses foretold of His coming as the Messiah which early Messianic Jews agreed with (Genesis 49:10, Numbers 24:17 and Deuteronomy 18:15-18).

In addition  the recorded words of the early prophets lead us to Christ as He in Whom we can have confidence. Finally the recordings of the Gospels (Mark 1:15) which contain first hand accounts of the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

Each of us have been given the free will to choose in what or whom we will place our confidence. Our decision has enormous consequences. Choose carefully in THAT IN WHICH YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Follow God faithfully and feel His presence forevermore.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: John 14:1 “God as object of our faith”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord my confidence is in You.


  1. In what or whom do you place your confidence/faith?
  2. How did the world fall into secularism so fast?
  3. How did the early writings (both within and outside the Bible) point to Christ as our Savior?
  4. How did the Bible come to be universally accepted as God’s Word?

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