The more I look into Scripture the less politically correct I find myself to be. Not only that but this world grows more distant as I understand God’s plan for our eternal home. I say this because of how this world looks at marriage (among many other matters) and the role of the husband and wife.

Today we will look at the duties of a husband toward his wife. Duties that many men have in one way or another given up performing.

First and foremost is the husband is to love his wife with the same intimacy as Christ loves His church (Ephesians 5:28). Christ gave His all for the church and so should a husband for his wife. Sadly, oftentimes that is not how men and women understand the marital relationship.

A husband is also to honor his wife (1 Peter 3:7) uplifting her before others. To speak well of her when others may speak ill of their wives and mothers of their children. An honorable and loving marriage is a marriage made in Heaven.

Traditionally a man is also the provider for his wife and children if any. In today’s society that role is often minimized or turned around with the end result sacrifices being made by children and even the marriage itself not being fully functional as God intended.

One role of the husband I will always believe is uppermost in a marriage is to be the spiritual head and advisor. Sadly this is where most husbands and fathers fail and we see the effect of it across the entire spectrum of our society. As the world grows ever more secular and self-centered husbands, save for those coming from Christian homes, have been visibly absent in the role God intended for them. All this and more is THE ROLE OF A HUSBAND.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A wise husband will live in marriage the way God intended.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Ephesians 5:25 “husbands love your wives”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord strengthen me to be the husband or wife you desire of me.


  1. How does Christ’s love for the church compare to a husband’s love for His wife?
  2. Why is the role of mother and wife no longer honored as a vocation such as it once was?
  3. How have other institutions taken over the role of motherhood?
  4. How have husbands given up their spiritual responsibilities in a marriage or family setting?

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