Wisdom which is knowledge guided by understanding is something to be sought. Yet it also has its limitations for often people use it to bring glory upon themselves (Jeremiah 9:23) or apply it to matters of this world which is foolishness (1 Corinthians 3:19). In otherwords wisdom without God is nothing (Jeremiah 8:9).

So what then is wisdom? First of all it is discernment such as Moses displayed when a part of the Pharaohs inner circle and later leading the people out of bondage (Genesis 41:33). It is able to look at the entire situation and divide it into manageable pieces always keeping God and His plan as the primary focus.

Wisdom can be mechanical or technical skill but for the most part it is plain old ‘common sense’. Common sense that is acquired over the ages and often relayed by the old to the young. Where this is most evident is when a devout Christian shares their experiences with Christians who are new to their faith. I have often wondered why churches don’t pair their elder parishioners with younger members to offer them guidance. It would seem if done carefully this would make for a much stronger church.

Wisdom will get you through this life and make the journey much smoother and much more enjoyable. As long as one remembers the source of wisdom and to whom all efforts should be directed. That is what it means TO BE TRULY WISE.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY:  Wisdom when witnessing to the will of God is well used.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Jeremiah 8:9 “wisdom is nothing without God”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord give me wisdom such as You would want me to have.


  1.  In what way is wordly wisdom of no value?
  2.  In what ways was Moses discerning?
  3.  What is Christian common sense?
  4.  How could a church use the wisdom of its elders more effectively?


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