For a Christian believer the study of God’s Word is as important as breathing itself. It is the very oxygen we need for our soul to survive. As stated previously  God’s Word along with Christ’s dominion are the two things which will never pass away.

My  ethnic background comes out of a ‘stundist’ movement which is German for spending at least one hour (stund) a day in prayer and devotion. As  life goes on I find that time and more as refreshing to my soul and spirit as a cool drink of water is to my body on a hot day.

Scripture tells us to pray continually (1 Timothy 5:5). To me each thought, word and deed of which God is always aware is a prayer. At the very least we should follow David’s example in Psalm 55:17 and pray in the mornings, noon and evening.

The study of God’s Word is also to be daily. For the people of Israel this was their instruction recorded in Deuteronomy 17:19 regarding the Torah (First 5 books of the Old Testament) and Christ emphasized in Luke 21:33 all of Scripture should be studied by us daily. The people of Thessalonica understood this (Acts 17:11).  In Romans 15:4 we read that the Scriptures we receive are necessary learning which alone can give us comfort and hope UNLIKE ANY OTHER BOOK EVER WRITTEN.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Personal devotions pour out the power of the Holy Spirit into our every pore.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR : Romans 15:4 “what Scripture alone can give”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Lord thank you for Your Word.


  1. Is praying at breakfast, dinner (lunch) and supper (dinner) meet the the minimum 3 prayer a day suggestion?
  2. How is your prayer life?
  3. How does Luke 21:33 include all of Scripture?
  4. What does the Bible provide that no other book can?

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