Wine in Scripture is referenced so often that it is good we take a moment to study its importance. Wine was always treated with a degree of sanctity and was never to be abused. In fact if you were the head of the church you were to not drink it or drink it in excess (1 Timothy 3:3). John the Baptist who set the stage for Christ’s coming took no wine nor did he cut his hair (Luke 1:15) among other things.

For others wine served many purposes. It was used for medicinal purposes (Luke 10:34) as a disinfectant. It was also used as a drug such as offered to Christ before His crucifixion (Mark 15:33) . When mixed with frankincense it would deaden the senses much like what some states who still carry out death sentences call a ‘3 cocktail’ system to end life.

On a positive side wine (which was often heavily diluted with water) was drunk with meals, at special festivals or simply to soften the feeling of pain or grief. Scripture is replete with numerous references in these areas. The Jews would offer a special blessing (brakhah) before consuming such as Christ showed us when first instituting the Lord’s Supper (Matthew 26:27-29).

Finally, it should be noted that grapes and wine were a metaphor for our  judgment one day. In Revelations 14:14-20 we see how the harvest applies to judgment and how the act of pressing out the juice is like removing the life blood of people. Indeed the story of wine in Scripture has much to tell us. This is only a partial answer to the question WHAT ABOUT WINE?

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Wine is welcome when used wisely.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Isaiah 55:1 “Wine is figurative of the Gospel”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for Your many blessings.


  1.  What are the uses of wine?
  2.  What evil effects can come from wine?
  3.  Who used wine in Scripture and in what circumstances?
  4.  Wine or grape juice and why?

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