For the past several years I have shared with each of you reading these daily devotional posts my thoughts on what God’s Word has to say on the numerous topics that confront us on a day to day basis. Not being a trained theologian, I attempted as best I could to cover each viewpoint with supporting Scripture. The question I ask as I draw to the conclusion of my devotional posting is why are devotional¬† readings important for each of us.

For myself Scripture is comforting. The deeper I dig into it the more comforting it becomes. In a sense a daily devotional is like a shovel that should help dig into the richness that is the soil of Scripture. As we uncover each word it gives us the courage to live out our lives no matter what trials may confront us. It provides courage that will never allow us to be crushed as long as our perspective is external and eternal (2 Corinthians 4:7-18).

Daily devotionals when based on Scripture are also to give direction for our lives if we enter into the study with a believing heart (James 1:5-6). Indeed Scripture is the GPS of life that will one day take us to our eternal residence. A residence so beautiful no one can even imagine it.

Indeed daily devotions give me the peace that the Psalmist David spoke of in Psalm 4:8. Better yet the Words of Christ Jesus Himself that are recorded in Matthew 11:28. It is here we read what time in Scripture each day can really do for us when Christ tells us “come to me…and I WILL GIVE YOU REST”.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Daily Scripture reading fulfills our personal needs.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Matthew 11:28 “rest in daily devotional time”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for Your Word.


  1. In what way is Scripture the GPS of life?
  2. How does Scripture instruct?
  3. How should we go about studying the Bible?
  4. Do you spend time daily in devotions?



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