As I write this it is Christmas morning. Darkness surrounds me as dawn has not yet set in. The evening was short concluded with my reading the true Christmas story from Luke 2:1-14 to my family. I slept well (though briefly) only to awaken with the first words before me from Scripture being:”the Word became a human being” (John 1:14).

Today we celebrate that miraculous event. When an omniscient and omnipotent God so loved the world that He sends His Son to us. A Savior Who is Christ the Lord that we can live for all eternity simply by our faith (Romans 1:17). A thought and reality that once captured the world reforming the church and we in it.

For myself life is getting to know God better. Praying, listening and then speaking to others about His Kingdom. A Kingdom that becomes ours through a birth in a manger in a stable in far of Bethlehem. Today is Christmas. A day to give glory to God. A day when THE WORD BECAME A HUMAN BEING.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The Word of God is a window to the wonders of salvation.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Revelations 14:7 “give glory to God always”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for showing me the way.


  1.  Explore the difference between God becoming man versus man desiring to be God?
  2.  Explain God’s Word taking on the form of humanity through Christ being like the contents of a seed coming to life?
  3.  Where is the danger in glorifying self?
  4.  What does the birth at Bethlehem mean to you?

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